Impact Case Study: Caroline Wilson from UNDR LNDN

Caroline Wilson is Co-Founder and Director of UNDR LNDN, a film collective for young filmmakers in East London.

In 2020, her project “Living for the City” received a Connecting People and Places grant from our Foundation Programme, co-funded by City of London Corporation. In 2022 , their project “British South Asian Emerging Filmmakers Hub” was awarded a Medium Grant from our Westfield East Bank Creative Futures Fund, which is funded by our partner Westfield Stratford City.

Caroline talks to us about how she discovered her own creativity and interest in curation and film and how this helped her overcome introversion and create a community to help others develop their passion for filmmaking.

“I think people can, even filmmakers or artists in general, they can tell if someone genuinely understands or genuinely supports them. For newer filmmakers, they trust our voice, they know like I won’t just email them just to be polite. They know if I’m emailing them, it’s because I see something in them.”

To learn more about her story and her creative journey

Photo & video: Chris Baker

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@misscarolinelwilson @undrlndn

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