Westfield East Bank Creative Futures Fund

Westfield East Bank Creative Futures Fund is an ambitious five-year programme that aims to invest £10 million into the local communities of Newham, Tower Hamlets, Hackney and Waltham Forest, supported by retail destination Westfield Stratford City.

This flagship project will provide new jobs, learning, training and educational programmes through the means of arts, culture, innovation, public realm and creative placemaking.

The programme aims to transform and catalyse the lives and careers of people in East London by putting funding, resources and support straight into local people’s hands.

Our community grant strand offers the following grant schemes:

Each year we have evolved the design of the programme with feedback taken from our impact evaluation and our ever-growing capacity building network.

Due to this, the application process for successive years is continually modified to ensure the outcomes and impact has a stronger focus on area needs and takes a participatory awarding approach.

Year 5

Year 5 will be announced in 2024.

For help and advice on making an application and to join our free Capacity Building Programme, please contact Capacity Building Programme lead Lisa Stepanovic on

Please also see upcoming workshops and sessions for practical support. All events are free and open to individuals, organisations and businesses working and living across the local communities in the London Boroughs of Hackney, Newham, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest.

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Funding Themes

For all four of the community grants schemes, at the heart of your project there must be a core commitment to one or more of the following:

  • Employment opportunities
    • Will your project provide employment opportunities for local people, including access to paid work experience/internships, access to apprenticeships or gaining access to jobs?
  • Learning opportunities
    • Will your project provide opportunities and/or mobility of progresion through learning and training opportunities for local people, including accessing life-long learning opportunities from early learning, schools through to late career and post retirement and/or will the project offer bespoke career and higher education path support, training,  and secondments?
  • Young people
    • Will your project have a young person led approach with particular provision for local young people to access broader skills development opportunities, careers workshops and related learning and/or one-to-one coaching and mentoring?
  • Business and entrepreneur support
    • Will your project provide local people with the opportunity to have business and/or entrepreneur support including freelance, business and entrepreneur set up, development and training?


We appreciate these four overarching areas are a broad spectrum, so to aid understanding of outcomes expected through the grants, we have developed a user-centred process.

Outcomes are the project’s short, medium or long-term goals that will lead to a meaningful impact for communities in the local boroughs. Applicants will be asked to identify a set number of outcomes that their project will achieve. The number of outcomes expected will be based on the grant scheme you are applying for.

We have provided a list of 13 short, medium and long-term outcomes to be selected.

Short Term Outcomes Medium/Long Term Outcomes
  • Participants gain technical/sector- specific and/or creative skills
  • Increased employability of participants
  • Participants gain essential skills
  • Increased capacity for innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Participants grow their networks and awareness of local opportunities
  • Increased diversity in the creative/entrepreneurial sector in the boroughs
  • Participants gain confidence in their potential and self-initiative
  • More diverse audiences engage with the cultural sector and benefit from community assets/available services
  • Participants are better equipped to process difficult emotions
  • Participants act as agents of change within the local community
  • Participants are equipped to act as agent of change in their boroughs
  • Organisations and schools integrate creative approaches within their projects
  • Organisations and schools are exposed to creative approaches to wellbeing


Capacity Building Programme

For Year 5 of our Westfield East Bank Creative Futures Fund, we are once again hosting a Capacity Building Programme, in partnership with award-winning social entrenpeneur Lisa Stepanovic.

We want to ensure the Capacity Building Programme reflects the needs of grantees and future potential grantees. We will be reaching out over the duration of the programme to grantees and community groups to ensure that any workshops developed are beneficial and provide what is needed.

Mon 12 Feb 6-8pm GMT Branding Strategies with Juju “Unlock the power of your brand through the fundamentals of brand strategy”

Mon 19 Feb 6-8pm GMT —Logo Masterclass with Juju “Welcome to the logo lab -The art and science of logo design”

Mon 26 Feb 6-8pm GMT— Social Media with Sterling Record

Thurs 14 March 6-8pm GMT Making Freelancing Work Including Pricing with Adrian Ashton

Thurs 21 March 6-8pm GMT – Write a Successful Community Fundraising Application

Thurs 28 March 6-8pm GMT –Fundamentals of Successful Bid Writing

See all our events on Eventbrite

For information on upcoming programme and workshops please email:

Access Support

For access support please contact

We have an Easy to Read versions of our Guidance Notes on our grant scheme pages.

Marketing and Press for Grantees

If you are a Westfield East Bank Creative Futures Fund grantee, we have a Marketing and Press Guidance section, which has further information and download links for logos.

Evaluation Resources

Download our WEBCFF Impact Framework, co-designed by the Fund’s grantees.

Projects We’ve Supported in Year 4

In December 2023, we awarded a total of £560,000 to 26 projects.

This includes:

  • 9 Large Grant Scheme projects awarded £382,098
  • 12 Medium Grant Scheme projects awarded £155,752
  • 5 Small Grant Scheme projects awarded £22,150

Projects We’ve Supported in Year 3

In January 2023, we awarded a total of £668,711 to 37 projects.

This includes:

  • 10 Large Grant Scheme projects (£394,225)
  • 14 Medium Grant Scheme projects (£209,864)
  • 13 Small Grant Scheme projects (£64,622)

In 2022, we awarded £786k to 11 Capital Grant Scheme projects.

Projects We’ve Supported in Year 2

Year 2 of the Westfield East Bank Creative Futures Fund saw the following grants awarded:

In Year 2, the Westfield East Bank Creative Futures Fund awarded a total of £1,351,194 to 82 community projects from the Fund’s community strand, consisting of the Small, Medium, Large and Capital Grant Schemes.

Year 2 was designed with evaluation and feedback from Year 1 grantees to ensure that the process is accessible, transparent and allows applicants to make informed decisions, follow a simple applications process and gain additional support when needed.

Projects We’ve Supported in Year 1

Year 1 of the Westfield East Bank Creative Futures Fund saw the following grants awarded:

In Year 1, the Westfield East Bank Creative Futures Fund awarded £660,000 to 36 community projects from the Small, Medium and Large Grant Scheme, benefiting over 7,000 people.

Read our full list of Year 1 Community Strand grantees.

Funded Projects Case Studies

Watch our latest film featuring our Year 2 grantees Eastside, Loop Labs and True Cadence.

The film was produced and directed by Chris Baker with Editor Will Cole and Colourist Harvey Gibson.





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