Tiwa King

Tiwa King is a well-being consultant, singer, two-time TEDx  speaker and author with a deep passion for the community, particularly women.

Tiwa King is the founder of Authenticitea – a personal development platform that aims to use creative arts and programmes to increase well-being, use individual authenticity as a launchpad to individual success and to create spaces that help women (particularly in under-privileged communities) go from trauma to triumph.

Over six years, Tiwa King has created ‘safe, inspiring and transformative’ spaces where incredible people are also able to heal. The TK Love Tour has seen Tiwa go into hospices, women refuge centres, homeless shelters, hospitals and other vulnerable places in our communities, connecting with people through creative arts and programmes.

Tiwa has delivered wellbeing programmes to organisations such as London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, where she marries music and training to deliver empowering talks and sessions. Tiwa has worked with over 1,000 amazing women through online and face to face programmes and events – furthering her mission to help them journey from surviving to thriving.

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