Guy Kassongo

Head of Finance


Guy provides strategic financial management that supports effective achievement of departmental and organisational objectives for both the Foundation and its trading subsidiary Future London Enterprises. He loves the daily challenges and varied aspects in his role, which he sees as a natural progression in his career.


Guy Kasongo has worked in charity financial management for 19 years. He holds a Master’s Degree in Charity Financial Management & Accounting and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management.  He also holds professional qualifications in accounting and bookkeeping from CIPFA and is a Fellow of the International Association of Bookkeepers (IAB). Guy joined the charity world in 2003 as a Finance Assistant at Bootstrap Company. Around 2012, he worked briefly for the Legacy Trust, where he implemented the accounting system from scratch. He became Finance Manager at Timebank where he worked for nine years, and Head of Finance at the UK Career Academy Foundation (Career Ready) for over six years, before joining the Foundation for Future London in June 2022.

Ask him about

Transparency, accountability, respect and integrity. Wildlife documentaries and great biographies. Guy loves and values life; he mostly treasures kindness and respect towards every human being. He has interest in Economics, which he often summarises as the optimal use of scarce resources for maximising outputs.

We love East London

Guy’s favourite thing about East London is its impressive geography and development. He enjoys walking through the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and exploring newly developed areas. Getting lost occasionally adds fun to  experience

Did you know…

Guy loves walking, counting his daily ten thousand steps. He reduced this activity after sustaining a knee injury. He is involved in pastoral work, loves listening to and helping people. Guy enjoys family life and loves entertainment with his five children, speaking both English and French fluently.

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