Vertical Farming Project

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Social high-rise housing was a product of modernist architecture and widely adopted by councils across the UK in the 1960s – 1970s before seeing its fall in the late 1980s. The reasons have often been to its poor design and ill management. Noticeably, tower blocks lack of functional green space and amenities whereby suitable spaces for social activities were scarce. What could be the solution for high rise housing? Especially, the post-COVID-19 pandemic gives us no choice but to adapt to “the new normal” way of living. Inevitably, this means cities need to change to cater for the new normal whilst also becoming climate resilient.

The Vertical Farming Project investigates the opportunity in utilising ‘unused’ space vertically for urban food growing to 1) increase the green space with active and functioning activities, 2) increase the social engagement, and 3) explore the new economic opportunity for the communities.

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