Upskill for Zero Waste Futures

Delivered by Trashion Factory CIC

In 2020, we are supporting the “Upskill for Zero Waste Futures” project by Trashion Factory CIC through our Connecting People and Places funding, co-funded by Foundation for Future London and City of London.

“Upskill for Zero Waste Futures” is a project based in Waltham Forest.

We awarded “Upskill for Zero Waste Futures” project a grant as it meets many of Connecting People and Places’s themes and priorities including creative learning, collaboration, participation, place-making, sustainability, training, employment, engagement, outreach and environment.

The project also focuses on women, unemployed people and working-class people, some of the marginalised groups of beneficiaries we want to reach.

About the project

Every Friday morning over 16 weeks from November 2020 to April 2021 women of Waltham Forest are invited to learn more about zero-waste lifestyles. Participants are trained to make zero waste patterns, design and sew a whole outfit. Participants will work with unused clothes they have at home or with donations from the Traid warehouse. Participants will become designers, which means making decisions and taking ownership over their creations. Upcycling is a sustainable practice and this project will showcase the hidden opportunities of waste and the power of reusing. All levels of sewing skills are welcome.

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