Music That Unites

In 2020, we are supporting “Music That Unites”, a project run by Grand Union Orchestra in partnership with Headway through our Connecting People and Places funding, co-funded by Foundaton for FutureLondon and City of London.

We awarded “Music That Unites” project funding as it meets many of Connecting People and Places’s themes and priorities including participation, diversity, inclusivity, accessibility, engagement, outreach, partnerships, and wellbeing.

The project also focuses on neurodiverse people and Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) people, which is one of the priority groups of marginalised beneficiaries we want to reach.

About the project

“Music That Unites” uses music to bring people together and create unity. Musicians from a wide range of cultures will work with Headway, a local organisation supporting people who have had a brain injury- to deliver inspiring and interactive cross-cultural musical presentations. This will serve as a form of outreach to engage new venues and partners. The project will add to the large range of activities offered by Grand Union, with a series of workshops and a participatory concert featuring music from Africa, the Caribbean, South America and South Asia.

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