Make and Mend

Delivered by Asma Begum

In 2020, we are supporting the “Make and Mend” project by Asma Begum through our Connecting People and Places funding, co-funded by Foundation for Future London and City of London.

“Make and Mend” is a collaborative project between Asma Begum and Poplar Works, based in Tower Hamlets.

We awarded “Make and Mend” a grant as it meets many of Connecting People and Places’s themes and priorities including creative learning, heritage, participation, diversity, inclusivity, accessibility, training and engagement

The project also focuses on young people, older people, Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) people and working-class participants, some of the marginalised groups of beneficiaries we want to reach.

About the project

Make and Mend is a series of workshops which empower East Londoners to repair and adjust their own clothes and reduce textile waste. The workshops will offer a range of craft classes over 25 weeks at different levels, offering clear learning progression, and key outcomes for each class. Classes will be free and last on average 2 hours and include: sewing a button on, hemming, fixing a hole/tear/patching, and basic sewing. Make and Mend will also run family sessions and allow participants to decide on more advanced craft classes.

Attendees will be able to have one-off sessions with designers at Poplar Works teaching a specific skill or an element of their work.  Make and Mend will work with further education providers including London College of Fashion, University Arts London and Newham College to connect our members with onward formal learning opportunities should they choose. This partnership means our grassroots community-based offer can be a gateway for participants who want to take their learning further.

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