Creative Schools

One of the projects we fund is Creative Schools, led by Stratford Circus Arts Centre on behalf of the East London Cultural Education Alliance (ELCEA), an amazing opportunity to expand the reach of life-enhancing arts and cultural education and deliver projects in schools across six boroughs of east London.

About the project

Creative Schools tackles the real-world challenges faced by schools through innovative creative projects. It brokers projects through a broad and growing network of cultural partners to give arts and culture a bigger voice in education. The programme also provides training, advice and consultancy to schools and school leaders.

The programme works closely with school leaders to understand their broader priorities (beyond the arts) and their aspirations for pupils. Following this, schools are matched with cultural organisations from the Creative Schools’ network to deliver new projects and create meaningful and long-lasting partnerships.

We are delighted to be a supporter and funder of Creative Schools. We are committed to continuing our support for at least the next three years, having seen the impact that the programme is having in nurturing and supporting young creativity in East London.

And we look forward to playing our part in linking local schools with the world class cultural institutions making the East Bank their home.

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