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In 2021, the Foundation for Future London is supporting “Bread and Roses” project by Hackney-based Bread and Roses through our Small Grant Scheme.

This scheme is part of our new Westfield East Bank Creative Futures Fund, funded by Westfield Stratford City.

“Bread and Roses” is a women refugees and asylum seekers project focusing on floristry.

The project focuses on women of all ages including young adults, Black, Asian and people of colour and Refugees/Asylum seekers/Immigrants, who are some of the marginalised groups of beneficiaries we want to reach.

We awarded “Bread and Roses” a grant as it meets our Small Grant Scheme’s “Arts & Cultural Activities to Build Skills” priority.

About the project

Nine participants referred by refugee organisations across London join a programme that combines vocational training in floristry with practical skill building in conversational English. The programme also builds critical skills such as confidence, communication skills, teamwork and creative thinking.

Each weekly workshop finishes with an information session on UK support services, with the aim of increasing participants’ understanding of how to access support in areas including education, training, health and employment.

Increasing understanding of services so that participants are able to actively consider what support they may need in their future is an important way to build confidence and aspiration in women from refugee backgrounds. In the environments we create, women meet a supportive group of peers and put themselves out of their comfort zone to learn a new skill, without fear of judgement.

After completing a programme, participants become part of our alumni network, where we continue to share opportunities to use their new skills, such as helping to deliver Christmas wreath-making workshops to generate funds for future programmes.

Our programme aims to :

  1. Improve participants’ vocational and English skills, supporting them to participate in society as they settle into life in the UK.
  2. Support participants’ wellbeing by providing a welcoming, inclusive space and the chance to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of working with flowers.
  3. Increase participants’ ability to access support services, in a range of key areas including health, education, training and employment.

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