Accumulate Art Kits for the Homeless

Delivered by Accumulate

In 2021, the Foundation for Future London is supporting the “Accumulate Art Kits for the Homeless” project by Accumulate through our Small Grant Scheme.

This scheme is part of our new Westfield East Bank Creative Futures Fund, funded by Westfield Stratford City.

Accumulate Art Kits for the Homeless is a project that will work across Hackney, Waltham Forest and Tower Hamlets.

We awarded Accumulate Art Kits for the Homeless a grant as it meets our Small Grant Scheme’s “Coronavirus-19 Response” priority.

The project also focuses on young adults (19 to 25), homeless people and Black and Black British people, who are some of the marginalised groups of beneficiaries we want to reach.

About the project

This grant will fund the creation and delivery of over 600 specially-prepared Accumulate Art Kits for residents of homeless hostels in Hackney, Waltham Forest and Tower Hamlets.

Participation in the Accumulate Art Kit project reverses the feelings of lack of self-worth, loneliness, isolation and depression that are prevalent amongst the homeless community and which have escalated due to Covid. This negative mental health situation can also lead to increases in anti-social behaviour, crime and substance abuse risks amongst this group. The Accumulate Art Kits provide meaningful and purposeful creative activities that will culminate in a focused goal that builds and develops new skills and confidence for this group and improves wellbeing and mental health.

The Accumulate Art Kits contain the materials and instructions needed for specific creative learning activities that participants can do independently or with online support. The Art Kits and activities are devised by professional tutors and through the affiliated online platform, participants make creative work as part of a group, upload to a shared online platform, interact with tutors and other participants and become part of a community with a sense of belonging.

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