Young Urban Arts Foundation

Young Urban Arts Foundation’s mission is to empower the lives of young people by strengthening mental well-being and building opportunities through creativity, ensuring every young person is seen, heard and celebrated.

Throughout our 12 years, we have helped over 19,000 young people and are known for delivering both empowering and creative outreach workshops in hard-to-reach areas where young people are at high-risk of child exploitation, being a victim of crime or do not have access to opportunities.

Our charity’s programmes are designed around prevention and built to drive creativity.  Our multimedia bus workshops, which we take into communities, provides a safe and exciting space to inspire and build young people’s confidence.  Our online workshops offer young people a way to feel connected and express their feelings and emotions in artistic and creative ways.  We also deliver our programmes to schools, community centres and youth hubs. Working with partners, we provide young people with opportunities to gain further training or work experience, allowing them to build a long-term rapport and support system.


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