The Young London Print Prize

The Young London Print Prize is a pioneering visual arts programme driven by two fundamental insights.

First, we believe that young people can make great art. They are not on the road to future artistic greatness – their creative expression is powerful right now and can shape the world in which we live.

Second, young people are the art history of tomorrow: the contemporary art world does not remotely reflect the breadth and diversity of young people in London today and art history in this city needs to be re-written from the bottom up.

Inspired by these two ideas, the Young London Print Prize works with schools and young people over a period of six months each year on a four-stage programme to inspire and showcase their creativity, using the medium of printmaking and the theme of climate art.

All the work throughout this process is created, judged and curated by young people themselves.

The Prize climaxes each year at Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, which runs from 3-6 November 2022.

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