The Open Art Club

The Open Art Club is a social organisation that provides employment to local LGBTQ+ artists, while
delivering a fully funded art program for the benefit of the East London community.

Our core values are; Inclusion, free art education, knowledge sharing, and anti ageism.

Our art programme is designed to fit any individual over 18. It’s structured according to our core
values and belief that with the right support, anyone can develop their creativity, enjoy the wellbeing
it generates, and transfer this knowledge to others.

Our founder and director- Noga Shatz is a queer-lesbian artist and art-educator based in
Walthamstow. Noga strongly believes in the power of creativity to transform people’s lives for the
better, and that access to art learning, and the benefits it generates, should be available and open to
all. Noga has a vast experience teaching art and transferring art knowledge. She is the founder of the
New River Painting School, Drawing Workshops Facilitator and the co-founder of ARTLondon- an art
tour company. She is accompanied by fellow local artists and individuals from the community who
will be delivering engaging creative workshops, guided art-tours, artists talks and studio visits.

We are here for anyone who could benefit from creative activities. Our organisation brings art back
to the community and create a platform for artistic engagement, connecting artists with their local

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