Women Over 50 Film Festival

Women Over 50 Film Festival (WOFFF), now in its eighth year, champions and showcases the work of older women on screen and behind the camera with an annual short film festival and year-round events and film screenings.

Every film WOFFF screens has a woman over 50 at the heart of it on screen or a woman over 50 as the writer, producer or director. There’s no upper age limit and all genders are invited to submit films.

WOFFF addresses the ageism and sexism many women face in the film industry. WOFFF screens films celebrating older women on both sides of the camera. WOFFF believes inclusive spaces to watch films together and conversations between generations of women can help make older and younger women feel less isolated and feel more connected.

WOFFF welcomes everyone — all ages, all genders — to attend its films and events.

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