Sylvie’s story

“Being on this project has helped me”


Sylvie Belbouab


Photographer, participant on Rosetta Arts Artist Accelerator Scheme

Area or borough


What attracted you to taking part in the project?

I wanted to learn more about developing as an artist and how I could potentially make a living out of it. I was very interested in delivering community workshops as well as carrying on personal projects and I thought the artist accelerator program would give me the boost I needed in terms of confidence and also networking.

What challenges did you face in applying?

I was quite anxious but then I thought, ‘let’s apply and see what happens’.

What is it like being on the project and how is it different to what you imagined?

Being on the program has been amazing so far, meeting with the other artists was great and we all got on really well. We started looking at how we could work together on community projects by putting our skills and different art form in common. I like the masterclass in business studies, I’ve learnt a lot from it. Mentoring sessions have also been really great and help me with gaining confidence and feedback on my projects.

How has this project changed your relationship with the local area?

It has enabled me to network with local artists and also due to lockdown explore my local area more. That’s definitely the place I want to work!

What do you think would have happened if you hadn’t taken part?

I might still be hiding behind my fears and not starting anything, who knows?

Was there anything unexpected that came out of the process for you?

Yes the bond between the other artists, we became a great team.

Have you built any new relationships that you will continue with?

Definitely continue working with the other artists on the program.

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