ARTBASH & be’s Story

Meet ARTBASH & be and their project, My Safe Space, which we’re funding in the first round of the Small Grants Scheme through Westfield East Bank Creative Futures Fund.

ARTBASH & be is an arts organisation based in Hackney. They run art workshops for children, young people and adults. My Safe Space is an arts project working with young teenagers who have been affected by COVID and school closures.

How has the Small Grant Scheme helped you?

This fund will be a key intervention for 12 (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) teenagers with increased SEMH (Social Emotional and Mental Health) due to lockdowns and school closures. My Safe Space will empower, enrich and help teenagers to process a life changing period in history and without this grant scheme this would not be possible.

What advice do you have for anyone thinking to apply?

Research and connect with the right partners. If you have a project or a skill you are passionate about, think about how that can help others? Ask yourself, is there a need and what is that need? If there’s a strong enough need, apply.

To learn how the Westfield East Bank Creative Futures Fund can support you and your ideas, stay up to date and to find out about upcoming funding and how to get support with your application.

Your time is now. Your Ideas are real. Make it happen.

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