Medium Grant Scheme

Open to schools and non-profit organisations, can apply for up to £15k


The Medium Grant Scheme fund aims to support local organisations to create new jobs, learning, training, and educational programmes through the means of arts, culture, innovation, public realm and creative placemaking in Hackney, Newham, Waltham Forest and Tower Hamlets.

The Medium Grant Scheme accepts applications starting from £1k and up to £15,000.

The scheme is part of the Westfield East Bank Creative Futures Fund, an ambitious five-year programme that aims to invest £10 million into the local communities of Newham, Tower Hamlets, Hackney and Waltham Forest.

Year 5 will be announced in spring 2024. Each year we evolve the design of the programme with feedback taken from our impact evaluation and our ever-growing capacity building network.

In Year 1, we awarded a total of £160,000 to 11 projects.

In Year 2, we awarded a total of £385,243 to 29 projects.

In Year 3, we awarded a total of £209,864 to 14 projects.

In Year 4, we awarded a total of £155,752 to 12 projects.

For help and advice on making an application, please contact our Capacity Building Programme lead Lisa Stepanovic on Please also see upcoming workshops and sessions for practical support.

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Funding themes

The scheme will fund projects that focus on one or more of the following funding themes:

Employment opportunities

  • Will your project provide employment opportunities for local people, including access to paid work experience / internships, access to apprenticeships or gaining access to jobs?

Learning opportunities

  • Will your project provide ladders of opportunity through learning and training opportunities for local people, including accessing lifelong learning opportunities from early learning, schools through to late career and post retirement and/or will the project offer bespoke career and higher education path support, training and secondments?

Young people

  • Will your project have a young person led approach with particular provision for local young people to access skills development opportunities, careers workshops and related learning and/or one to one coaching and mentoring?

Business and entrepreneur support

  • Will your project provide local people with the opportunity to have business and/or entrepreneur support including freelance, business and entrepreneur set up, development and training?


We appreciate these four overarching areas are a broad spectrum, so to aid understanding of outcomes expected through the grants, we have developed a user-centred process.

Outcomes are the project’s short, medium or long-term goals that will lead to a meaningful impact for communities in the local boroughs. Applicants will be asked to identify a set number of outcomes that their project will achieve. The number of outcomes expected will be based on the grant scheme you are applying for.

We have provided a list of 13 short, medium and long-term outcomes to be selected.

Short Term Outcomes Medium/Long Term Outcomes
Participants gain technical/sector- specific and/or creative skills Increased employability of participants
Participants gain essential skills Increased capacity for innovation and entrepreneurship
Participants grow their networks and awareness of local opportunities Increased diversity in the creative/entrepreneurial sector in the boroughs
Participants gain confidence in their potential and self-initiative More diverse audiences engage with the cultural sector and benefit from community assets/available services
Participants are better equipped to process difficult emotions Participants act as agents of change within the local community
Participants are equipped to act as agent of change in their boroughs Organisations and schools integrate creative approaches within their projects
Organisations and schools are exposed to creative approaches to wellbeing

For more information, please see our Guidance Notes.

In Year 4, we are also offering Using the Outcome/Impact Framework workshops from 24 May to 14 September, run by The Social Investment Consultancy (TSIC). Booking links available on our Capacity Building Programme webpage.

Local Engagement

In your application, we need to understand what the need is for your project, how this has been identified and how local people and/or lived experience have been involved in the planning and development of the proposed activities. You or your organisation should be able to demonstrate that you have good links and networks in the community to deliver the activities and collaboratively address the proposed outcomes.

In addition to the above outcomes, projects that have considered the below will be weighted more favourable:

  1. considered community engagement and consultation
  2. considered sustainability of:
  • Projects – how new ideas have been developed/how other funding has been leveraged
  • Organisation – what areas of learning will happen/what best practice will be developed/how will the project help the organisation grow
  • Participants – what longer term opportunities/follow up support is available/ paid work/further training and/or education

Case studies

Watch our latest film featuring our Year 2 grantees Eastside, Loop Labs and True Cadence.

The film was produced and directed by Chris Baker with Editor Will Cole and Colourist Harvey Gibson.

At a glance

Open to

Schools; Not-for-profit organisations with less than £1.5 million turnover (Local Boroughs (Newham, Hackney, Waltham Forest, Tower Hamlets) and East Bank Partners are exempt from turnover)


Up to £15,000

Apply by

22/09/2023 11:59 pm


6 to 12 months


Minimum of three short, medium, or long-term outcomes


Arts, Culture, Heritage
Business & Start Up
Creative ideas
Diversity & Inclusion
Health, wellbeing & environment
Creative, Inclusive Public Realm and/or Placemaking
Skills & Jobs


The Medium Grant Scheme focuses on projects around the four themes of employment opportunities, learning opportunities, young people and business and entrepreneurial support within the four boroughs of Hackney, Newham, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest. Proposals from schools and non profit groups and organisations are all welcome.

Our Fund is about creating inclusive and sustainable opportunity — we are keen to back a range of activities and innovative ideas that drive the proposed outcomes. The Foundation for Future London is a strong advocate for the ability of creativity to enable levelling up opportunities and to be a strong contributor to the London economy.  Therefore, we are keen to fund project activity that has origins in:

In addition, we expect to see the following focus:

For Medium Grants:

  • Stronger youth focus — future change makers
  • Capacity building
  • Direct training/workshops
  • Bursaries/travel expenses

Equality, diversity, and inclusion are at the forefront of the Foundation’s grant giving. We actively encourage applications from all communities including Black, Asian and ethnically diverse, disabled, learning disabled, unemployed and/or low waged, people without qualifications, vulnerably housed, Gypsies and Travellers, LGBTQ+, children and young people, older people and people with mental health issues or long-term health issues.

We want to make sure funding opportunities reach a wide audience and serve to support locally rooted charities and community focused initiatives. We also encourage applications from individuals and organisations led by local people whose projects engage and serve East London’s diverse communities.

To get a better understanding of the support areas and beneficiaries the Foundation’s funding seeks to target, see our list of groups in our Guidance Notes.

Medium Grant Scheme projects will need to demonstrate a minimum of three short, medium, or long-term outcomes from our list of 13 short, medium or long-term goals that will lead to a meaningful impact for communities in the local boroughs. To see the full list, please see our Guidance Notes.


Disabled people
Vulnerably Housed
Older people
Black, Asian or ethnically diverse
People with mental health or long term health issues
Working class
Young people

How to apply

Please make sure to read our Guidance Notes before applying.

We are now using our grant management software Flexigrant for online applications.

The link can be accessed via the Small Grant Scheme and Medium Grant Scheme webpages.


The online application portal will open on Monday 24 July and will close on Friday 22 September 2023.

Grants will be awarded on the week commencing 27 November 2023.

Commencement of projects – January 2024

Completion of projects — January 2025

Capacity Building Programme workshops

For help and advice on applying to the Medium Grant Scheme, sign up to our Capacity Building Programme events, run in partnership with award-winning social entrepreneur Lisa Stepanovic.

Year 4 Grant Guidance workshops

Booking links are available via Eventbrite.

Year 4 Introduction to Outcomes/Impact Framework workshops

These sessions are run by The Social Investment Consultancy (TSIC).

All events are free and open to individuals, organisations and businesses working and living across the local communities in the London Boroughs of Hackney, Newham, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest.

Review Process

All applications will be carefully reviewed and evaluated against the four key core foundation themes as well as short, medium, and long-term goals, expected impact, user, and beneficiary groups and budgetary spend.

Shortlisting will take place internally via our online system and by three team members. Final awarding will be decided by the Foundation’s Grant Assessment panel feedback will be given to all applicants in the first instant via our capacity building programme workshop, followed by potential 121 requests, however level of feedback will be dependent on size of grant applied for.

Additional Considerations:

  • Consideration to a strong youth focus for Future Change Makers
  • Consideration for provision of direct training/workshops/bursaries/ travel expenses
  • If you are a school applying, you must evidence that the funding applied for will not be for core school day/curriculum activity
  • If you are applying for the maximum level of funding, you must evidence why the full    amount is needed and where it will be used.

Access Support & Flexigrant Technical Support

For access support or technical support using our Flexigrant online application system, please email:


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