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Everyone has strengths and capabilities. The things that you can do; the abilities that you have now; or skills that you can grow and develop.

And the good news is that many skills needed for jobs are a) learnable, either through education, training or on job learning and b) transferable, so, things you may be doing now in one job can be used for a new career path.

What are strengths and skills that a recruiter may look for?

  • Principle Skills
    Listening, speaking, reading and writing are often key skills required
  • Communication and teamwork
    How do you engage with others? Do you actively listen and respond, are you open, approachable and a team player?
  • Technical skills
    Do you have the ability now or motivation to learn that ability, in an area of specialism that will allow you to perform a specific task /role?
  • Problem Solving
    Can you take a logical and analytical approach to help solve a problem or resolve an issue?
  • Confidence and motivation
    Have you got that ‘get up and go’ that keeps you wanting to learn, develop and be your best? Are you incentivised to keep going, and to also encourage others to do so?

With East Bank becoming a hotbed of innovation, creativity, and learning on the doorsteps of the boroughs of Hackney, Waltham Forest, Tower Hamlets and Newham; the Foundation is encouraging all who live and work here to take up the opportunities available, particularly in the creative, cultural, tech and built environment sectors.

So, if you are thinking about your future job path, start by taking a look at all the things you already know how to do and how you want to grow and develop your job skills. The Foundation’s grant streams may just be what you need to help set you on this path. Click here to find out more.


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