Fun-employed? We know that being unemployed, especially during the c19 pandemic, is no joking matter.

Due to c19, London has the highest unemployment rate than anywhere in the UK. Many people are losing their jobs and businesses and need to find work. The creative sector in particular has been the hardest, along with the hospitality sector.

The Foundation for Future London can help if you live, work or study in Hackney, Newham, Waltham Forest and Tower Hamlets.

We provide funding for projects that create more jobs and employment opportunities in the creative and innovation sectors.  We offer grants to support new or existing businesses or start ups, particularly with a social aim.

We hope we can help you on our employment journey, whether that’s through a project grant or taking part in a project that provides new skills, training or work experience or a job itself.

Read about recently funded projects that focus on jobs, employment skills and training and supporting unemployed people:

Find out about our current grant programmes

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