Projects for and by men of all ages are welcome at the Foundation for Future London. If you live, work or study in Hackney, Newham, Waltham Forest or Tower Hamlets, read on.

We know that men also need support and solidarity, particularly around mental health, wellbeing and creativity. Toxic masculinity, racism, homophobia and internalised pressure can harm men’s sense of self and confidence. The rates of suicide amongst men is much higher than women, particularly for middle-aged men. The need to come together has never been more vital.

Arts, culture and creative sectors can provide an outlet to express feelings, to explore new talents and ideas and share with others.

We have funding to help people with great ideas for projects for men — check out what grants are available now. We support individuals, groups, organisations and businesses.

Our funding aims to help local people get job, training and skills opportunities in arts, culture, innovation and creative placemaking.

Read some of the projects we’ve recently funded focusing on boys and men:

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