Black, Asian or ethnically diverse

From the spectacular costumes, energetic dance, sound systems and live music of Hackney Carnival to the inclusive Pride festivities and the everyday street markets, there is no place like East London for diversity in the people who live here.

East London is one of the most international, cosmopolitan places in the world, which is why we love it. Just a few of the ‘people of colour’ ethnicities living in East London include Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan, Indian, Somali, Colombian, Chinese, Pakistani to name a few. In Tower Hamlets, nearly 70% identifies as Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME).

We know that one size does not fit all. East London’s vibrant diverse ethnic communities cannot be boiled down to a single acronym such as BAME, BME, BIPOC or even our own ‘people of colour’ category.

We are here to support people from all backgrounds as individuals, and we welcome funding applications from ‘people of colour’ who we know experience racism, economic deprivation, and other barriers to accessing services.

We know that covid-19 has disproportionally affected people from ethnic minority backgrounds nationally and in East London. Black people are more than four times as likely to die as white people of the same ages from covid-19. Covid-19 lockdown has brought increased death, trauma, family loss, unemployment, isolation, financial insecurity and mental health issues.

We are here to help.

We are looking for projects that will help local people unlock their creative potential and explore new skills, talent and education through the arts, culture, innovation and placemaking.

We can help you gain new qualifications or training, start up a business or try out ideas or expand your current business or project.

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